Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Google has updated its policies for inactive Gmail accounts, impacting users significantly.

Here are the details on the policy update, its implications, and steps to prevent account deletion.

Indian Gmail users must be aware and take appropriate action.

Account Deletion for Inactive Users

Google's latest policy states that inactive Gmail accounts, unused for over two years, may be deleted.

Users are advised to log in and review their accounts every 24 months.

The policy will be enforced from December this year, giving users time to retrieve inactive accounts.

Implications and Retrieval Process

Google's focus with the new policy is on unused accounts, especially those created but never used again.

Users should retrieve login details or await instructions to avoid account deletion.

Deleted Gmail addresses cannot be reused, emphasising the need for immediate action to safeguard accounts.

Account Activity

Google determines account activity through actions like email usage, Google Drive, YouTube, app downloads, searches, and third-party app logins.

The impact of certain uses, like email forwarding aliases, on deletion remains unclear.

Users should be vigilant, maintain activity, and regularly check their accounts to prevent deletion.

Google will send notifications prior to deletion to keep users informed and protect data access.