Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Google has just revealed its plans to incorporate Generative AI into a variety of its products, such as Photos. 

The company has now unveiled Magic Editor, a cutting-edge tool set to be released on Android's native gallery app later this year.

This innovative technology leverages AI to help users produce professional-grade edits to their photos, without any specialised training or dedicated editing software.

Here are the intricacies of this remarkable new tool, detailing its features and advantages.

The Magic Editor Tool

Google's new Magic Editor Tool is a game-changer for photo editing.

It expands upon existing features like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur, enabling users to edit the sky, subject, and more.

Its standout feature is the seamless repositioning of subjects in images without any visible distortions.

Other capabilities include scaling and relocation of subjects, brightness adjustment of skies, and removal of unwanted elements like bag straps.

The Magic Editor tool is incredibly accessible, as it doesn't require any specialised knowledge or experience in photo editing.

It has an intuitive, user-friendly design that makes professional-looking edits easy to achieve.

This feature is especially advantageous for casual photographers and amateur enthusiasts who wish to enhance their images without investing in costly editing software or dedicating hours to learning how to use them.

The Magic Editor tool boasts AI-based technology that automatically fills in gaps in images when users reposition subjects.

The tool is designed to recognise gaps in the image caused by subject movement and automatically create new content to fill those gaps.