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Working long hours on digital devices, such as computers, tends to stare at digital screens throughout the day and blink less, leading to dry eyes and discomfort. Here are some measures you should take to avoid your eyes getting strained.

Adjust your screen colour settings

Exposure to bright screens for prolonged periods causes eye strain and irritation. Temperature, brightness, and contrast to find the most comfortable settings for you.

Don't forget to blink

When we're focused at work, it's easy to forget to blink when looking at a digital screen. Believe it or not, you need to blink more consciously. This increases the production of tears in your eyes, keeping your eyes and contact lenses moist and supple. Remember to blink spontaneously as often as possible to keep your eyes healthy.

Check the angles, height, and distance of your screen

The screen which you are working on should be 50-62 cm away from your eyes and centered about 10-15 degrees below your eye line. This usually works when the top of the screen is at eye level.

Give your eyes a break

We should never forget to give our eyes a much-needed break, especially when we are working on computers at a very close distance for hours. You can follow the 20-20-20 rule. Every twenty minutes, pause and look at an object at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Move your eyes to see different things at different distances.

Computer glasses

Glasses specifically designed to help our eyes focus on the computer can help with eye strain by making it easier to focus the eyes at your computer distance, either desktop, laptop, or both. These computer lenses aren’t designed to take over the way our eyes focus, but rather to assist the eyes and help them to focus easier and longer, allowing you to perform efficiently, with less fatigue, strain, and discomfort.

You can't get away from your computer, yet your eyes require rest. Use the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, gaze away from your computer at a 20-foot-away item. Spend 20 seconds staring at the thing. This will allow your eyes to restore their focus.