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When you spend so much money on buying the gadgets you need or love, it’s only fair that you expect to get the original or authentic product. But you can get tricked into buying a fake one - since it looks as good as the original. Here are some pointers on how you can make out the difference between the two.

Check the packaging

Manufacturers of counterfeit goods often neglect packaging design, and authorised retailers pay close attention to detail in the design of their products. Therefore, before buying a new gadget, carefully examine its packaging. Pay attention to the print quality, the font should be consistent everywhere and nothing should be loose inside.

Cheaper version

We all know that an electronic gadget is supposed to be costly and while browsing the net for your favourite gadget you might come across the cheaper version of it but you must be aware because it could be a sign that it's fake. Original products can never be sold at a lower value. The cheaper versions are not authenticated and don't even function like the originals.

Take a look at the fonts

The company's name and logo are an integral part of its brand image and need special attention. We can all recognize the Apple or Microsoft or Samsung logos and the font they are written in, as these symbols remain the same across all their products. One of the main ways to spot fake widgets is to check if the logo and font style are the same. The difference can be very small, for example, the name Samsung could be written as Samsun, missing the "g". Pay attention to these small differences in name, font colour, style, and logo design and you will never be fooled.

Go through the user manual

Spotting fake gadgets isn't that hard if you know what to look for. Whether a product is genuine or counterfeit can be determined, for example, from the instruction manual. The best brands have many imitators, but fake companies are unlikely to change the language of the home country in which the device was counterfeited.

Examine these telltale clues to distinguish an authentic from a counterfeit and avoid being taken for a ride.