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As more and more students step out of their homes to seek higher education in other cities, they discover challenges that they hadn’t been exposed to, back home. From having to cook for themselves to keeping themselves abreast of their studies and dealing with noisy roommates - there is so much to cope with. But life could be a bit easier if they have these must-have gadgets in their hostel rooms.

1. Noise-cancellation Headphones/Earphones

In hostels, most students share rooms and face problems of shouting in corridors, loud peals of laughter and at times snoring roomies too. That is why it’s important to take along noise-cancelling headphones/earphones as one of your indispensable gadgets. Students who prefer to study first and play later definitely need these noise-cancellation devices. They can also be helpful during online lectures or when talking with someone on call.

2. Smart Tablet

Tablets are essential when it comes to referencing and studying for curriculum intensive subjects, such as medicine and engineering, easier. They reduce textbook costs and make learning interactive - helping students and educators remain connected during classroom work. 

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3. Smart lights

Smart lights are a must have in hostel rooms, to make studying more comfortable and focused. You will be able to switch on lights lying on your bed at 2 am if you want to study more. It will also help you if you feel lazy about turning off your lights - as a smart light can be programmed as per convenience.

4. Power Bank

It is a challenge to stay on top of your classes, do internships, and much more. You are always on the move. Therefore, power banks must be included on your gadget list so that you can charge your phone on the go.

5. Portable External HDD or SSD

Having a portable External Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD) is a must-have for a hosteller. It will not only help to store lots of data but also keep it protected in case of a comp crash. Also, it can be used to store big files if you need your laptop and phone’s storage to be free.

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So, as you step out for higher studies, and experience being on your own for the first time, here are some smart companions which will not let you down and keep you stress-free while you focus on your studies.