Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Are you tired of running out of battery on your phone, laptop, or tablet while on the go?

With the increasing use of technology in our daily lives, it's no surprise that we need to keep our devices charged up all the time.

This is where power banks come into play, providing portable charging solutions for all your devices.

However, most power banks have a limited capacity, and you may need to recharge them frequently.

But here’s a power bank with an enormous 80,000mAh capacity that can charge all your devices for up to months.

Features and benefits:

The Callmate power bank is a beast when it comes to capacity, making it the biggest personal power bank you can buy.

With 80,000mAh, it can charge all your devices, including your phone, laptop, tablet, earphones, smartwatch, and even another power bank, all at once.

The power bank has a total of seven ports, including four USB ports and three input ports, allowing you to charge up to four devices simultaneously.

Also, the power bank has a digital battery indicator with an LED torch, making it easy to monitor the remaining power and providing a convenient light source when needed.

The Callmate power bank is not just about capacity and convenience; it also comes with some exciting features.

The power bank has a strobe light feature, making it perfect for parties or when you need to attract attention.

Furthermore, the power bank comes with a strong lighting flashlight, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping.


While the Callmate power bank is a great solution for keeping your devices charged, there are some limitations you need to be aware of.

Firstly, due to its size and weight (approx. 1.5kg), it's not the most portable power bank.

You'll need to carry it in your bag, and if you're flying, it's not allowed on flights as the allowed approximate capacity is 26,800mAh.

Secondly, the power bank has a charging output of 10.5w for all ports, which may not be suitable for some high-power devices.


The Callmate power bank boasts an impressive 80K mAh battery capacity, making it an ideal portable charging solution for all your devices.

The Callmate power bank is priced affordably in India at just Rs. 3,599, making it a great value for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient power bank.