Soumya Prakash Pradhan

BoAt, a popular smartwatch brand, has launched a new device called the BoAt Wanderer Smart, designed for kids.

This smartwatch has great features and safety measures to keep children connected and give parents peace of mind.

Here are the specifications and functions of the BoAt Wanderer Smart, focusing on its unique advantages for parents and kids.

Key Features

The BoAt Wanderer Smart stands out from other smartwatches with its built-in GPS and 4G SIM connectivity.

Its 1.4-inch touchscreen HD display provides a colorful and interactive interface, and its rugged design makes it durable for active play.

With 4G connectivity, the smartwatch enables real-time text messages and voice calls, allowing children to easily communicate with their parents.

Child Safety Features

BoAt prioritises safety, and the Wanderer Smart reflects this commitment by offering various child-connected and safety features.

One notable feature is geo-fencing, allowing parents to set virtual boundaries and receive instant notifications when their child enters or leaves a designated safety zone.

This provides peace of mind and effortless monitoring of their child's whereabouts.

The smartwatch also includes a steps tracker to monitor a child's activity levels, encouraging them to stay active.

It offers practical tools like an alarm clock and stopwatch to help children manage their time effectively.

Parental Control features allow parents to create a safe digital environment.

They can set restrictions on class hours, use voice monitoring to monitor their child's surroundings, and prevent calls from unknown numbers.

These measures enable parents to balance their child's independence with their well-being.

Price, Design, and Battery Life

The BoAt Wanderer Smart is priced at Rs 5,000 and can be purchased on the official BoAt website.

It comes in attractive Coral and Aqua colors, suitable for both boys and girls.

With its IP68 rating, the smartwatch is water-resistant and suitable for outdoor activities.

In terms of battery life, the Wanderer Smart delivers impressive performance, offering up to 2 days of backup on a single charge.

This ensures that parents can rely on the device to keep their child connected throughout the day without frequent charging.