Pradeep Pattanayak

Odisha will be having 5G telecom services before January 26, Union Telecom and Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw announced at the foundation stone laying ceremony of the redevelopment of Bhubaneswar Railway station on Thursday. 

“I had promised you that Odisha would get 5G services in the first phase. The 5G services will be launched before January 26,” said the Telecom Minister. 

“It had been alleged that Odisha was being neglected in the telecom sector. There was no sufficient fund for Odisha. But Modiji has given Rs 5,600 crore to Odisha for the sector. Modiji has taken the responsibility to provide 4G services to villages of Odisha. No one can say that Odisha is being neglected in the telecom sector,” emphasised Vaishnaw. 

Earlier, the Union Telecom Minister had said that Odisha would get 5G services in the first phase itself. 

Notably, once launched, users will get service at a speed of 10 times more than that of 4G and 30 times more than that of 3G. 

According to experts, the speed may reach 100 times. Along with it, the users will no longer face download issue as 5G would enhance the download speed. 

For example, the file which took 56 hours for download on 2G network, two hours on 3G network and 40 minutes on 4G network will take only 35 seconds on 5G network. From this it can easily be imagined how fast our digital life is going to be.