Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), a popular mobile game, is coming back to India.

Krafton, the game's developer, has officially announced its return after months of speculation.

Here is the recent development, including the potential launch date, expected changes, and the Indian government's focus on responsible gaming.

Here are five essential things to know about BGMI:

  1. BGMI's relaunch: Krafton expresses gratitude and excitement for the return of BGMI after obtaining approval from Indian authorities. The specific launch date is yet to be announced, but rumors suggest a potential return on June 18. Gamers in India eagerly await an official announcement about the game's availability.
  2. Monitoring and restrictions: BGMI will have an initial availability of three months, as confirmed by the Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Authorities will closely monitor the game during this period, particularly focusing on addiction-related issues and its impact on users. Any violation of regulations could lead to a potential ban.
  3. Addressing addiction concerns: Krafton is taking measures to tackle addiction in BGMI, including the imposition of gameplay hour restrictions. Reports suggest Indian players may be limited to a maximum of 24 hours of gameplay per day. These measures aim to promote responsible gaming and reduce potential risks associated with excessive gameplay.
  4. Changes and improvements: Krafton has made modifications to tailor BGMI for the Indian audience. Initial reports indicated the removal of graphic violence and alternative color options. The latest version is expected to default to a non-violent color scheme, pending official confirmation. Further changes to address addiction and prioritize players' mental well-being are also anticipated.
  5. Future announcements: The government has urged Krafton to implement additional changes to reduce addiction-related problems and prevent unfortunate incidents. These changes are expected to be revealed soon, further enhancing the gameplay experience and addressing concerns raised by the Indian government.