Poonam Singh

Indian cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar's daughter, Sara Tendulkar, has been hitting headlines due to ongoing rumours surrounding her alleged relationship with the emerging cricket sensation, Shubman Gill.

Despite their discreet stance on their relationship, the pair was recently spotted at the Jio World Plaza Event in Mumbai, further fuelling speculations among fans.

Sara looked stunning in a bespoke red outfit for the event while Shubman chose a stylish black ensemble. 

A video captured the two leaving the venue, with Shubman exiting first and Sara following suit as they noticed the presence of paparazzi.

This isn't the first instance where their public appearances have ignited speculation. Just a few days earlier, Sara was spotted cheering for Shubman during the India vs Bangladesh match in Pune. A viral video showcased her applauding after Shubman scored a boundary.

The rumours regarding their alleged relationship first emerged in 2020 when Sara posted Instagram stories related to Shubman during his tenure with the Kolkata Knight Riders. Their interactions on social media have also drawn the attention of fans, as they exchanged comments on each other's posts.