Cassian Baliarsingh

Shoaib Malik dropped a bomb when he announced his marriage with Pakistani actress Sana Javed in January 2024. Fans from both India and Pakistan were equally shocked to know that the cricketer had divorced ace tennis player Sania Mirza who had left everything to marry him.

While there were reports that he was close to actress and model Ayesha Omar, the shock came in the form of Sana Javed. Shoaib had met Sana for the first time on the sets of a Ramazan special programme. Sparks flew between the two as Sana was also divorced from her first husband.

Now, rumours are rife that Shoaib was not only close to Ayesha Omar, but had also sent flirtatious messages to another Pakistani actress. Actress Nawal Saeed during a show revealed that she was getting DMs on Instagram and most of the messages came from cricketers.


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Being a very popular actress, the hosts asked her if she was getting flirty texts from actors, the actress revealed that she was getting DMs, but not from actors but from cricketers. She highlighted that such act was cheap and did not seem right, especially from cricketers.

She further revealed that they represent the nation on the global stage and should behave in appropriate manners. She revealed that she has all the screenshots of cricketers sending her messages.

When the hosts asked her if it was Shoaib Malik, the actress dodged the question. Later, she began to laugh. This left the audience shocked. Fans are now wondering if Shoaib indeed sent flirty texts to Nawal.

Talking about Shoaib and Sana’s marriage, the couple recently celebrated the actress’ birthday together. Although, they get trolled brutally, the two have maintained that they are happy with each other.