Cassian Baliarsingh

Team India is in a winning spree in the ongoing T20 World Cup. The strong team has beaten Pakistan, Netherlands and Bangladesh to possibly book a seat in the the semi-finals. However, a particular Pakistani actress is not too happy with India’s back-to-back wins. She has been frequently tweeting and wishing that India lose the matches.

The Pakistani actress is none other than Sehar Shinwari.

On Thursday, the actress again took to her Twitter handle to express her anger over India beating Pakistan in the first match at Sydney Cricket Ground. Now, she wants India to lose a match at any cost.

She has been tweeting a lot about the upcoming India-Zimbabwe T20 match. Her anger towards India is so much that, Ms Shinwari in a tweet has revealed that she would marry a Zimbabwean guy if they "miraculously" beats India. She reveals that she will marry a man from the African country. The two teams are set to face each other at the World T20 Championship on Sunday, November 6.

Taking to her Twitter handle, the actress wrote, "I'll marry a Zimbabwean guy, if their team miraculously beats India in next match." Now, the post has been liked by more than 850 users and it has so far received 49 retweets.

However, Indian cricket fans and cricket lovers around the world brutally trolled the Pakistani actor.

A user wrote, "Then I feel sorry for you how will you live your whole life alone,” while another commented, "You were supposed to delete ur twitter account if India beats Bangladesh."

Earlier, she had tweeted that she would delete her Twitter account if India beats Bangladesh.

This is not the first time that she has been in news for her tweets. During India's match against Bangladesh, Ms Shiwari was constantly tweeting and wishing that India lose the match.

Her tweet comes a week after Zimbabwe brutally defeated Pakistan by one run, putting them in danger of an early exit from the Twenty20 World Cup.