Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Pakistan cricket often hits headlines for all the wrong reasons. This time, Pakistan expert Mohsin Ali has become the center of discussion for an awkward incident.

During a live cricket debate on a YouTube channel from his home, Mohsin lost his temper and was captured on camera attempting to physically assault his wife. The development led to a wave of embarrassment and criticism from fans across the globe.

The video of the shocking incident involving the Pakistani cricket expert has reportedly gone viral on various social media platforms. The anchor of the show, Rizwan Haider, was taken aback when the live debate took an unexpected turn.

In the video, Mohsin is seen engaging in a discussion from his home when a woman’s voice is heard from behind him. Reacting to the disturbance, Ali turns back abruptly and appears to attack her. Despite the on-camera altercation, the anchor managed to regain composure and continues with the discussion.

However, Mohsin shows no visible remorse on his face even after the shocking incident. In a second video, he defends himself, stating that he has been married for 31 years. He also emphasized that he respects not only his wife but for every woman in his family.

Several fans criticised Mohsin over various social media platforms after the video of the incident went viral.