Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Despite being the outright favourite for the recently-concluded ODI World Cup final on the back of their 10-match winning streak, hosts India lost by six wickets against Australia.

Reacting to Team India’s unfortunate loss, former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi feels that the loss was down to sheer overconfidence. Afridi’s razor-sharp remark has gone viral over social media platforms.

“Jab aap continue game jeete ja rahe ho toh overconfidence bhi zyada ho jati hai. toh woh cheez aapko marwah deti hai (When you have won all the games continuously, the ‘overconfidence’ is too much. So, this could lead to their downfall),” said Afridi during a live television show.

Moreover, Afridi was livid at the Indian crowd for not applauding the efforts of Head, who scored a scintillating ton to become the third Australian centurion in a World Cup final.

“I think we all have experienced this at some point in our career. Whenever we hit a boundary or score a century or take a wicket, there is never any response from the Indian crowd. When Travis Head scored a century, then the crowd was silent. Why? A sports-loving nation always appreciates every athlete and their efforts, but not getting that from the Indian crowd, which is a so-called-educated crowd was surprising. It was such a massive hundred, at least a few could have stood up to applaud. And the way the team’s body language kept droping, crowd had the same thing going,” said Afridi.