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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is undoubtedly one of the most loved cricketers in the world. Known for changing the game from behind the stumps, the veteran wicketkeeper-batsman likes to live life on his own terms.

Be it on the cricket ground or in his personal life, Captain Cool always follows his heart while taking decisions. Now, popular commentator Harsha Bhogle has revealed interesting details about the rocket shot player. The Indian cricket commentator reveals how MS Dhoni doesn’t use a mobile phone.

Speaking about Dhoni, Bhogle said, “Dhoni is just from another planet. Dhoni’s room is never locked. His door is always open. Anybody in the team can walk into his room. Anytime room service will be ordered, there will be something there. The room is never locked.”


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“But, you can never call him on the phone. I have met Dhoni only once socially. In all this years, I have met him only once. Because you cannot get in touch with him. He doesn’t carry a mobile phone. He’s got a mobile phone that only a very very closest people know the number,” he added.

He further revealed how Rahul Dravid couldn’t contact him after his retirement.

“When Dravid retired, he couldn’t get in touch with Dhoni to tell him that,” said Bhogle.

Earlier, Ravi Shastri and VVS Laxman had revealed how MS Dhoni didn’t use a mobile phone.

“Honestly, till today I don’t have his number. I never asked for it. I know he hardly has his phone. And if you have to get in touch with him, you know how to. I am saying he’s that kind of a person,” said Shastri.

Speaking on the issue, MS Dhoni once said, “Me and technology, there is a big divide. I don’t use phones so much and there are a lot of stories I don’t pick up phones. But I do use technology as well. When I am shown some videos, you wonder if I am playing it right. Technology has to be used in the right way.”