Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Brazil footballer Neymar’s lookalike Eigon Oliveira has attracted a lot of attention during the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar by making appearances impersonating the super star.

It was hard to spot the difference between the lookalike and the real Neymar when Oliveira put on Brazil’s training uniform and wore similar sunglasses, hat and beard as the Brazil star.

Oliveria also appears to have the same tattoos as Neymar, and was usually accompanied by a friend who dressed as a member of staff of the Brazilian football confederation. Some of his friends also often acted as his security guards.

A Puma store in Doha had to temporarily close when Oliveira visited and attracted hundreds of fans. He had to be taken to the back of the store until things calmed down.

There was also trouble when the lookalike made it to one of Brazil’s World Cup games, as fans clamored to get autographs and a photo. Some of the Brazil players on the field before the match looked up to see what was going on. Security eventually escorted the lookalike away.

Before one of the matches, Oliveira managed to make it all the way to the field as some security guards apparently thought he actually was Neymar.

Oliveira has 1 million followers on Instagram and is close to that same mark on TikTok. He records most of his stunts and posts them on his social media accounts where they quickly go viral. Being Neymar’s double has become a job for Oliveira. He has traveled around the world imitating the player. 

In France, he is very famous (where Neymar plays for Paris Saint-Germain). He even makes money out of his appearances and by acting as the player’s double in commercial shoots.