Cassian Baliarsingh

Cricketer and former Australian captain Michael Clarke is currently in damage control mode after a purported video of him being sensationally slapped by his girlfriend in a public park went viral on social media platforms.

The dramatic footage shows a shirtless Clarke being screamed at and later slapped by his girlfriend Jade Yarbrough. Reports suggest the two lovebirds got into a fight as Jade accused Clarke of cheating on her with his ex Pip Edwards.

Jade can be heard saying, “I’m wrong? I’m f*ing wrong! You are a f*ing lair. I can see everything. You call her (his Ex).”

However, Clarke tries to convince her that he didn’t cheat and says, “Baby you’re wrong, you’re wrong.”

Although the incident occurred on January 10, the video footage was leaked a few days back and has been going viral now. Jade and Clarke have not been spotted together again after the incident.

However, police have now confirmed that they are investigating the case after the video went viral.

However, Clarke’s ex-girlfriend Edwards distanced herself from the controversy and took a brutal swipe at the former.

Edwards through a statement said, “This is not my circus. Yet again, Michael in his true nature has not taken responsibility for his actions and I was blatantly lied to.”

Notably, Clarke was in a relationship with Edwards after his split with former model and wife Kyly. He was married to Kyly from 2012 until 2019. However, he also broke up with Edwards in December 2021 and was then in a relationship with Jade.

Reports suggest a desperate Clarke has been requesting Jade to take him back.