Pradeep Pattanayak

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Tuesday made a veiled attack on Naveen Patnaik, saying the BJD-led government is appropriating money meant for farmers. He said this while addressing a meeting at Mandosil under Paikamal block in Bargarh district.   

Hitting out on the Chief Minister, Pradhan said, “We want a permanent solution to the paddy procurement issue. At times, they (the BJD) are alleging in the Assembly that the centre has not been providing the promised money. You have been to Delhi on several occasions and met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I have never read in any newspaper about you complaining to the PM regarding the paddy procurement problem in Odisha nor have I ever heard you giving any statement on this before media.”

“In 2015, you (CM) had told at a meeting held at Sohela in Bargarh that you would give Rs 100 extra in addition to the money given by the Central government. You are not paying even a rupee from your pocket for paddy procurement. But, you in cahoots with millers are siphoning off the money meant for the farmers. No syndicate will last for long. Just wait and watch. It has been destined that Kuna Purohit will go to the Assembly. No matter how deep the root of the syndicate may have gone, the people of Padamapur will root it out,” he added. 

From the same dais, Bargarh MP Suresh Pujari also launched a broadside against the BJD-led government over the recent GST raids. “If you are trying to intimidate BJP workers by sending GST officials, I want to clarify it that we are not the ones to get frightened. If you have the courage then try to threaten me and see what would be the consequences. This election may perhaps be the last election for the BJD before 2024. Naveen Babu’s chair has already started shaking. Only 18 months left. In 2024, a new sun will arise and we will construct a new Odisha.”

The BJD is yet to come out with any reactions to the statements made by the two senior BJP leaders.