Pradeep Singh

Congress leader Panchanan Kanungo on Monday slammed both the BJP and the BJD while firing a salvo of questions aimed at both the ruling parties at the Centre and Odisha respectively. 

A lot of survey reports, conducted by both government and private organisations like NITI Ayog, NSSO, Oxfam, RBI and SBI, have been made public in the last 5-7 days. So, the first question to both the parties is to make it clear as to which organisations do they believe in, asked Kanungo.

Once they choose the organisation, which suit them, a discussion can be done on the achievements of their governments, he said.

In the last seven years of BJP government at the Centre, Odisha has received as many as 70 certificates of achievements in several fields like agriculture, Smart City and others. Both the Centre and the Naveen Patnaik government here should clarify the very intention behind such accolades, he said.

"We want to get it clear from both the governments as to how long they will continue to curse and blame Congress for any failure," he asked.

Though it is shown that GST collection has increased, GDP has decreased to minus 7.3 per cent at a time when India's neighbouring countries' GDP has increased, he said.

Besides, the latest 'education survey' reveled that the top three states in the country are those where there is no ‘double engine’ government of the BJP, claimed Kanungo.

Seven years ago, the BJP had promised to provide two crore jobs to the youth of the country every year. So, in seven years, 14 crore people should have got jobs. However, instead of a rise in jobs opportunities, today the country has a decrease in employment by 2.47 crore against what it had in 2014, he said.

Unfortunately, around 47 lakh people have lost their jobs in Odisha during this period, the Congress leader added.

Kanungo also lashed out at both the parties over the rising fuel prices, RBI's report that revealed people's faith on banks have decreased and inflation among others.

Meanwhile, comments of the BJP or the BJD leaders could not be obtained on the allegations of the Congress leader.