Rashmi Rekha Das

With domestic demand for electricity has spiked manifold because of record-shattering heatwave and dry weather condition, the state government’s failure to restore power crisis despite having sufficient coal storage has been criticised by the state wing of Bharatiya Janata Party on Thursday.

Lashing out at the government BJP spokesperson Satyabrat Panda in press meet said, “Odisha has witnessed the highest-ever coal production in the country. Odisha had set a production target of 168 million tonne in March 2022. Thus, the government’s duty should be to provide nonstop electricity at suitable price. Instead of doing that, the government is burdening its people by making them pay inflated bills."

"While the consumers are paying 137 per cent more towards electricity bill as compared to previous years, the same has gone up to 116 per cent for industries in the State. Meanwhile, many small industries have closed their shutters after failing to give inflated electricity bill," the saffron party leader said.

He further added, “The government claimed to have spent Rs 20,000 crore to strengthen electricity supply and distribution facility. Though Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) had found the misappropriation of funds meant for supplying and distributing electricity, no action was taken against the guilty.”