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BJP’s Bhubaneswar MP Aparajita Sarangi on Saturday took a swipe at the BJD-led Odisha government over the Arpan Rath vehicles moving around the state. 

“Is it justifiable to take out processions of Lord Jagannath’s idol made from thermocol on trolleys, rickshaws, and pick-up vans? It hurts the sentiments of 4.5 crore Odisha people. It is a sensitive issue. Who has allowed them to play with the people’s feelings?” said Sarangi. 

“The Lord comes out of the temple for nine days. But here, he is being taken out in the sun and cold. And, when an invitation is placed, it is placed with an areca nut. But here, areca nuts are being collected. What type of invitation is this?” she further said. 

‘Today I uploaded a photo on my X handle. In the photo, it can be seen that a pick-up van with a thermocol idol of Lord Jagannath in it is parked near a heap of garbage. Is it right? I think it hurts not only me but thousands of Odias,” she added. 

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Earlier in the day, she had also trained her guns at the government over the Arpan Rath vehicles in her posts on her X handle. 

“The tradition of ‘Bada Thakura’ suggests that people will have ‘Mahaprasad’ after HIS Darshan. Odisha culture does not envisage Lord Jagannath moving around in vans & trolleys asking for rice. This is the ultimate expression of foolishness. It hurts all. Who advises them?,” read her X post. (SIC)

“After 24 years of continuous rule of Sri @Naveen_Odisha,Odisha has now to see the sad spectacle of  Lord Jagannath moving in small pick up vans & trolleys collecting rice. Which culture of Jagannath is this? Is this Odia culture or an import from some outside state?” read her another post. (SIC)

No response has been received from the BJD and the government authorities.

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