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PM Narendra Modi’s Address At 4pm: What Netizens Are Saying?


India is currently struggling with multiple issues including COVID-19, border disputes with China, Nepal, and Pakistan, and a failing economy. As the country hopes for revival against all these odds, the population across pan India is looking up to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking some concrete decisions and make certain effective announcements during his speech scheduled at 4 pm today.

What Will PM Talk About-China Tension Or COVID-19?

In the last few months since the announcement of lockdown, Indians have very carefully been following the speeches of the Indian PM mostly because they expected them to offer some kind of solution or relief measures. Earlier it was just the packages and COVID-19 related updates that interested people. But after the tussle with Chinese soldiers in Galwan where India lost its 20 soldiers, the government has become strict and the movement to ban Chinese products has taken momentum. Many state governments have already canceled or put on hold their multi-crore projects with Chinese companies in a bid to attack the Chinese economy.

Yesterday the Indian government made yet another blow by banning 59 Chinese apps and more such announcements are expected to follow. In this scenario with the country fuming with frustration, anticipation, and anxiety today’s speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to be very significant.

What Are Netizens Saying About Indian PM At 4 PM?

As usual, netizens have their way of expressing their views on the upcoming speech of Narendra Modi. While some believe he will include banning TikTok in his address whereas some are thinking that he will give a clear picture of how India is a fighting coronavirus.

From absurd topics like asking UNSC to remove China to enhancing diplomatic relations with Tibet, people are coming up with their own speculations.

While some netizens including senior journalists are calling his stand with China quite admirable others are calling it cowardice.

Whatever the PM speaks today, it is going to be a hot topic of discussion the moment Modiji ends his speech.

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