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There are childhood and school friends. And there are colleagues, staff or fellow workers whom we met during our job periods. There is love, friendship and understanding with childhood, school and college friends.

But, things change as we enter the real competitive world. In jobs, there is more chance of politics, back bitching and selfishness. This only makes the work atmosphere more toxic.

Despite all of these, we continue with our jobs to earn money. But, there are a lucky few who join good companies and make good genuine friends and colleagues. However, this luck is not for everyone.

What would you do, if you invited your colleagues to your wedding and none of them show up? Would it hurt you so much that you resign from your well paying job? Well, yes you read it right! a woman from China resigned from her job after only one colleague showed up at her wedding while she had invited 70 of them. She was so disappointed that she immediately tendered her resignation.

The Chinese woman asserted that she had invited all the 70 of her colleagues and had given souvenirs to one-third of them. Although, the invitation was sent two months before the wedding, only one colleague showed up.

She was more angry as she had to throw away enough food to feed six tables. She felt humiliated and decided to quit her job the next day.

The bizarre incident has become a matter of talk on social media.

Earlier, there were many memes of different types of resignation. One social media user had shared how someone had resigned from his job with a resignation letter saying, “Mazza Nahin Aa Raha Hai.”

Similarly, another person resigned stating, ‘Bye Bye Sir’ in his resignation letter.

Earlier, there were reports that many employees had taken leave to attend another interview. Similarly, reports also emerged on how employees of an Airline company had taken mass leave for attend another interview.