Cassian Baliarsingh

A man sent to buy groceries by his wife won a whopping $190,736 lottery in Michigan of the US. Stopping by a grocery store after being told by his wife, turned out to be a life-changing moment for Preston Maki, a resident of Marquette in Michigan.

According to sources, 46-year-old Maki like any other day had gone to his office. After wrapping up his daily office work, he was about to return home when he received a message from his wife. 

In the message, his wife asked him to bring some stuff from the grocery store. On his way back home, Maki stopped by a grocery store and that has changed his life forever. 

At the grocery store, Maki bought a Fantasy 5 ticket that won him the jackpot of $190,736.

“Had my wife not asked me to stop by the store and sent me the message, I wouldn’t have bought this Fantasy 5 ticket,” Maki said after winning the lottery.

"I was finishing up my day at work when my wife sent me a text message asking me to make a stop for groceries on my way home. I usually don't play Fantasy 5 unless the jackpot is more than $200,000, but I saw it was close and decided to buy five easy picks," Maki said.

He continued, "The next morning, I was in the kitchen and scanned the ticket with the Lottery's mobile app and saw I was the jackpot winner! Winning is so unimaginable!"

When asked about his future plans after winning the lottery, Maki stated that he intends to invest some of his earnings. He also revealed that he wants to share some with his family.

Notably, a similar incident had happened back in 2018. A woman had gone to buy cabbage from a grocery store and ended up winning a $2,25,000 lottery jackpot.