Cassian Baliarsingh

A big fat Indian wedding is incomplete without Band Baaja Baaraat. Indians are known to make lavish arrangements, be it for marriages or a pet dog’s birthday, or even the marriage of two birds. Yes, you read that right!

A man in Madhya Pradesh’s Kareli got two birds married with band-baaja and baraat. The special marriage was solemnized with rituals of a traditional Indian wedding. There are certain things that can happen only in India, and this special marriage of two birds is one such incident.

Ramswaroop Parihar from Pipairya near Kareli in MP had raised a Myna like his own daughter. The bird grew up with him and used to stay with him. The two had developed a very close bond and always stayed together.

He then came across Badal Lal Vishwakarma who had a parrot as pet. The two friends then decided to get the Parrot and Myna married. 

As per the plan, the marriage was done with all Indian rituals. The two friends even matched the kundali of the two birds before the marriage and they perfectly matched. This unique marriage was witnessed by thousands of people in the village of Pipariya. The ‘baraat’ was followed by the ‘baraatis’ dancing enthusiastically to dhol beats.

Thousands of onlookers witnessed the special marriage as the parrot cage (baraat) went on a small four-wheeler. Later, after the marriage, Parihar gave bidaai to its Myna. He will now occasionally visit Myna's in-law’s house.

The unique marriage has become a matter of discussion on social media. Internet is pouring loads of love for the unique marriage and the union of the two birds.