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Stray dogs are never owned or maybe abandoned by their owners. They live virtually everywhere and survive on garbages and waste food.However, there is a village in India where stray dogs are crorepatis. Yes! You read that right. They are pampered and enjoy a luxurious life.

This story is from Kushkal village in Palanpur taluka of Banaskantha district in Gujarat.

According to sources, residents of this village follow an ancient tradition. As per the tradition, the village was once ruled by a Nawab. Satisfied with the villagers, the Nawab had given a chunk of land to them.

However, the villagers said that they could earn their own livelihood and allotted 20 bighas of the agricultural lands for stray dogs. Since then, all the income from the land is being spent on the welfare of the stray dogs.

Even today, villagers follow the ancient tradition irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

“Our ancestors have set up a unique system for the stray dogs in the village. They had allotted 20 bighas of agricultural land in the name of the stray dogs. So, all the income from this 20 bighas should be kept aside for the stray dogs, as per the tradition,” a local stated.

Furthermore, the estimated market price of the allotted 20 bighas of the agricultural land is over Rs 5 crore. To ensure that the tradition is followed wisely, villagers take care of the dogs and make sure that they are not empty stomach.

They provide all kinds of food to the stray dogs. On the other hand, the villagers also feed ladoos to the stray dogs as per the tradition. There is a special place where the food is served to the dogs. There is also special utensils for them to consume their food.

Every villager mandatorily follows the age old tradition and make effort to save the stray dogs.