Cassian Baliarsingh

It is rightly said that choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. However, not everyone has the luxury to quit their job as people are burdened with responsibilities and have families to feed.

However, a Delhi-based girl, who quit her well-paying job to follow her passion for traveling has been winning hearts with her inspiring story. Aakanksha Monga had a well-paying job as Creator Manager Associate at Linkedln, but her passion was to travel the world.

So she decided to quit and is currently living the life of her dream. Sharing her story, Aakanksha wrote, “I quit my job at Linkedln, last year, on this very date. When I left, I promised to give myself 1 year to focus on my passion and travel the world full time. When I left I was burnt out, had 250K followers on IG, worked alone.”

Want to know how it is going now for Aakanksha? Well, the young girl has revealed in the last one year, “She has increased her followers from 250K to 700K+, traveled across 12 countries (8 of them solo!), built a team of 6 people, building TravelAMore!, shot and posted 300+ videos, worked with 30+ brands.”

Since being shared online, Aakanksha’s story has garnered 198.7K views with 2057 likes with thousands of comments from social media users who praised her for following her passion.

“You have inspired millions to follow their passion. Huge respect,” commented a user.

Another user hilariously wrote, “I would love to do that too, but Insta algorithm only promotes good looking girls posting travel pictures. Me ek badsurat ladka hoon koi nahin dekhta mera post.”

“I also want to travel the world and earn while doing it. But I don’t have 250K followers on IG. So, it is going to be very difficult,” commented a third user.