Cassian Baliarsingh

It’s customary to pray so that our wishes and dreams come true. Some even blow out the candles or look at the stars and make a wish. But, there is no guarantee that the wish will be fulfilled. 

However, imagine your random wish gets fulfilled by a stranger. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Yes, you read that right! That’s what happened when a girl on the internet made a wish and it was granted, thanks to Ankur Warikoo.

Entrepreneur and popular content creator Ankur Warikoo’s kind gesture to fulfill a girl’s wish has left the internet in awe. A girl identified as Vanshita just randomly tweeted, “I just need someone to take me to a bookstore and pay my bill.”

Her tweet on X caught Ankur’s attention who simply asked her, ‘Done! Which city are you based out of Vanshita?” Soon, the tweet led to one after another messages. In reply Vanshita wrote, “Omgg this didn’t happen. I’m based out of Assam but I’ll be in Bangalore next week.”

Soon, Ankur replied and shared, “Awesome. Bangalore it is then! I will have one of my team members host you at a bookstore. Buy whichever book you want.”

The heartwarming conversation between Vanshita and Ankur has now gone viral with over thousand of likes and comments on social media.

Sharing the story, Ankur wrote, “Ever thought of asking for something on social media and actually getting it? I was scrolling on Twitter one day, when I came across this tweet. I am all in favour of having no budget for books and learning materials, because they are an investment in yourself and provide immense value. So, I agreed and connected Vanshita. 32 books later, the tweet became a reality!”