Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre incident, a Delhi-based IT professional who had ordered a product online finally received it after four years. His tale of patience, uncertainty, and ultimate delivery of the product has left the internet spellbound.

The techie Nitin Agarwal took to social media to share his mind-boggling twist of fate. In this era of online shopping, people tend to order things online while sitting at home. Like everyone, Nitin also ordered a product in 2019 from AliExpress, a well-known online retailer that belongs to Alibaba.

Nitin patiently waited for his delivery but to no avail. Soon, his days of waiting turned into weeks, then into months, and eventually years. Soon, in 2020, India decided to ban several Chinese apps due to security concerns followed by a lockdown hit during the pandemic.

Several platforms like Shein, Alibaba, TikTok, and Shareit were banned in India. The Indian government with the help of Google blocked all these apps from the Play Store. After all this, Nitin lost all hope and got busy with his day-to-day life.

However, four years after the order was placed, a momentous turn of events unfolded on an ordinary day, rekindling Nitin’s hope. A delivery guy knocked on his door and handed him over the parcel.

Now, Nitin’s story has ignited a wave of responses across social media. Sharing his story, Nitin wrote, “Never lose hope! So, I ordered this from Ali Express (now banned in India) back in 2019 and the parcel was delivered today.”

Since being shared online, his story has garnered 68.8K views with 884 likes and several comments from social media users.

“The Chinese know how to do business. They refunded the money for each and every order which got stuck in 2020,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “I also ordered 2 products in December 2019, so I can also hope it might get delivered someday.”

“I ordered something from an online store in my own country a few years ago… Long story short, I received the order 6.5 years later,” wrote another user.