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In this era of social media, trust issues often cause paranoia and unnecessary arguments in every relationships. There is a constant fear that our partner might be cheating.

Even as there are a huge number of cases of cheating, the best thing to do is to find proof. Doubts, fights and suspecting would ruin an otherwise perfectly good relationship. 

So, it is extremely important to find proofs and sold evidence of truth, before getting into unnecessary mental stress. 

There are many ways to find out if your partner is being faithful and not cheating on you. Let’s take a look into a few signs that he’s not cheating.

1.    He openly discusses with the females he interacts with. 
2.    He’s never given you a reason to doubt him. When a man is cheating, your instincts will tell you and many of his activities will seem a bit off.
3.    He does not have weird cellphone habits. When a guy is cheating, he might have weird cellphone habits like putting his phone on flight mode when he is with you, or his phone is always on silent mode. 
4.    He’s a very honest man. If it is easy for someone to lie about other things, it might be easy for them to lie to you. 
5.    He’s very comfortable with himself and with you. If he’s genuinely happy for your successes and he’s not insecure or letting his insecurities get to him in a bad away, he’s not cheating on you. 
6.    He does not ignore certain calls. If a man is comfortable picking up all his calls in your presence, even if they might be from women, it is a sign he’s not cheating on you.
7.    He’s Invested in the relationship: A true sign of a loyal man is that he’s completely invested in your relationship. From taking you to cute dates and night-outs, to being fully engaged and present with you when you’re spending time together, chances are that he’s not cheating on you.

If all the above 7 signs tick on your list, don’t leave. Grab him and hold his hands forever to make him the love of your life.