Rashmi Rekha Das

Mothers-in-law are often considered being critical and overbearing. However, not all saas-bahu squabbling on mega television soaps are a true portrayal of real life relationship between the two. 

Else, a woman in Kendrapara could not have come forward to solemnize her younger son’s marriage with her widowed daughter-in-law and thereby giving a new lease of life to her.

Meet Shantilata Sethi, a woman from Aul of Kendrapara district, who did not give a second thought before solemnizing her younger son’s marriage with her widowed daughter-in-law. 

“My daughter-in-law Kaol was shattered after my elder son Sunil’s death. Sunil was suffering from cancer. We tried our best to save Sunil, but in vain. Kajol had three children from Sunil. She was devastated after Sunil died of cancer. Kajol is only 26 years old. She had married Sunil when she was only 18. I did not find anything wrong in solemnizing her marriage with my younger son Anil. By doing this, my daughter-in-law will remain in my family only. My son saved my grandchildren from becoming orphans.”

They tied the nuptial knot at a simple ceremony organized at the village Jagannath temple. Anil put vermillion on his sister-in-law’s head, giving her the recognition of his wife. The marriage was held in the presence of relatives and villagers.

Residents of the locality also showered their praise on Anil for marrying his sister-in-law, who is a mother of three children. 

Anil said, “My brother was a cancer patient. Though we spent huge money for his treatment, we failed to save him. He died one and a half years back. I was in Abu Dhabi when he died. Following his death, I came back to Odisha. Though I was searching for a bride, my mother gave a proposal of marrying my sister-in-law. Keeping family’s situation in mind, I said yes to the proposal to give a better life to my sister-in-law and three children.

Lauding Shantilata’s move, a villager said, “It is really appreciable. Her actions are louder than words. She is not a mother-in-law, she is a good mother. Also, Anil should be praised for marrying Kajol without hesitation.”

Reported by Banamali Sahu, OTV