Himansu Shekhar Rout

As the harvesting of paddy crops is nearing, various parts of Kendrapara district, particularly forested pockets, are now at the receiving end of the growing boar menace. Farmers have lost their sleep as animals are on a crop-damaging spree. 

As per reports, herds of wild boars from nearby forests are wreaking havoc on crops, particularly at Shaliancha and Digochhia under Aul block, almost every night. 

Farmers alleged that soon after the sunset, the marauding animals are headed in droves into the farmlands. They feed on paddy, apart from damaging the plants. 

Though the local residents have apprised the Forest Department and the block administration, nothing has been done to check the menace as yet. 

The alleged apathy of the administration and the Forest Department has left the people disappointed. Many farmers flagged their worries, saying if the animals go on damaging the crops, they will be nowhere to survive. In view of such a situation, they will not be able to pay off the debts and loans they have incurred for farming.

Expressing his concern over the unending problem, Fagu Charan Das, a farmer of the locality, said, “I have cultivated paddy in four acres. Boars coming in hordes are damaging the ripening paddy almost every day. As paddy plants were trampled into the mud, there is little chance of retrieving the crops. The Forest Department and the block administration should come to our rescue to address the problem.”

Janakar Sethi, another farmer of Digochhia locality, lamented,” Boars have damaged paddy in five acres of land, and that too when we were bracing up for harvest.  Apart from feeding, the animals have flattened the paddy plants on wet ground.  The department is doing nothing to stop it.”

The affected farmers have demanded compensation for the loss. However, no response has been received from the concerned officials.

  • Reported by:
  • Banamali Sahoo