Vikash Sharma

Former Odisha Police DG and senior BJP leader, Prakash Mishra on Thursday raised several questions in connection with the murder of health minister Naba Das.

While addressing a presser, Mishra questioned why the exact time of Naba Das’ death was concealed. “Naba Das died after being shot from a close range. The bullet lid is yet to be recovered. The bullet had hit Naba Das’ left ventricle which is the main part of the heart. Any doctor and expert will say that the death will be instantaneous,” said Mishra.

Following the incident, the minister was initially rushed to Jharsuguda hospital and airlifted to Bhubaneswar. It was during the late evening hours that the death of Naba Das was announced.

“Whether any investigation was done on delay in announcement of Naba Das’ death and why was the exact timing concealed. If it has happened it amounts to registration of case under section 201. Hence, we are demanding a CBI probe,” said Mishra.

The senior BJP leader further alleged that all attempts are being made by the prosecution to term the accused Gopal Das as mentally unsound. On Odisha Government’s decision to seek help of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States, Mishra said that Behavioral Support Unit or assessment is only useful for tracking when it is tough to know the accused in heinous crimes and there are multiple suspects in the case.

“But in case of Naba Das murder, already one person has been arrested for killing him. No behaviorial study can reveal the motive behind the murder. It can only be ascertained in Narco test,” Mishra added.

(Reported by Bibartan Panda)