Vikash Sharma

Palpable tension prevails at Utkal University campus a day after unprecedented scenes unfolded during a seminar organised on the campus leading to a clash.

Resentment is brewing among Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) cadres as Commissionerate Police allegedly assaulted a student and forcibly picked up two of its members late on Sunday.

It is alleged that Subrat Biswal, a second year student of Women’s Studies was brutally beaten up by Saheed Nagar Police. It is also alleged that Biswal had opposed the Police while the personnel tried to pick two AVBP cadres- Manas Sahu and Sanjay Mahalik- from the campus.

Earlier on Sunday, unrest prevailed at Utkal University campus after some students allegedly opposed a professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) apart from hurling abuses and attacking a professor of the varsity here and the convener of Citizen Forum. While two persons suffered injuries in the attack, two separate complaints from both sides were registered at Saheed Nagar police station.

Trouble erupted after JNU professor Surajit Majumdar was delivering his speech. Some students stood up and started opposing him.

“We had no information regarding the seminar. Students were forcibly called to attend the seminar by the authorities. The guests made some statements which were anti-national and it was opposed by some students and others,” said a student.

"First we had lodged a complaint, but they targeted our AVBP members and students on the instructions of the ruling BJD," he added.

Another student said, “Everybody has a right to express his/her views. But it is unfortunate the way the educational campus was used to spread propaganda. We want to ask who gave permission to hold the seminar.”

Two separate FIRs were lodged, but Commissionerate Police acted in a biased manner, alleged AVBP members.

Senior journalist, Akhaya Sahu said, “JNU professors are known for their stand on various issues. It is told that prior permission was given regarding the seminar at Vani Vihar. Had the police taken appropriate action, such an incident could have been avoided.”

(Reported by Niranjan Reddy)