Himansu Shekhar Rout

Rashmi Rradhan from Odisha who cracked the UPSC Civil Service Examinations-2023 and secured 319th rank said that there is no substitute for hard work to achieve success in life and given the current advances in online education, one need not move to Delhi to taste success in the exams. 

Speaking to OTV, Rashmi said, "It was my fourth attempt at the civil services exams and I got this rank.”

Asked what lessons she learnt from the three failed attempts, she observed, “I am already in a job with the Railways. In my fourth attempt, I made some changes in preparations like improving my answer-writing skills in the Mains and facing more mock tests. These things helped me achieve success.”

She had taken coaching in New Delhi for a year.

Rashmi said that those aspiring for the civil services need some guidance. “Nowadays, we have enough resources like online coaching, guidance and mock tests. They should take online guidance while preparing for the civil services,” she suggested. 

She also pointed out, “If aspirants have mentors, they can take their help with their exam experience and preparations.”

She observed that there is no substitute for hard work, but in some cases, luck may be a factor. But luck favours those who carry on the hard work, she added.

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“However, there is the need for blessings of God and parents in every success, regardless of hard work, patience, and talent. Besides, internal motivation helps people to get success,” she added.

“After Covid, we have facilities for online coaching. Rather than going to Delhi to have an atmosphere of motivation, inspiration and encouragement, one can get online coaching at home. There is no need to go to Delhi,” Rashmi Pradhan said.

(Odisha TV Bureau)