Pradeep Pattanayak

A social media war broke out between Odisha Transport Minister Tukuni Sahu and BJP MLA Kusum Tete on Sunday over 5T secretary’s chopper rides to districts. 

Taking to her X handle, Minister Sahu said the minds of conspirators have gone mad which is why they have been giving such statements. 

“Some are saying Rs 300 crore has been spent on the helicopter rides and some others are saying Rs 500 crore. There is no coherence in their statements. The fact is that about Rs 50 crore has been spent in the last five years which means, on average, Rs 10 to 12 crore has been spent per year,” read her post in Odia. 

She mentioned in her post that she would present all the information in the upcoming Assembly session.

BJP MLA Kusum Tete too took to her X handle and hit back at Minister Sahu. 

“Being an Odia, are you not hurt at the way the state is being ruled? The allegations were against the 5T secretary but you have responded. A minister has responded. This has proved that a secretary is bigger than a minister,” read her Odia Tweet. 

She further said, “The BJP has asked if a secretary can use a government helicopter to attend a marriage party or family function. It would be better if you clarify why the secretary used a helicopter on May 14 and June 28. And it would be better if you clarify how many times you have used a government helicopter in the capacity of a minister.”