Pradeep Pattanayak

The wife of Simulia block development officer (BDO) Biswaranjan Mohanty, whose body was found hanging in his government quarters on January 11, has been inconsistent with her statements. 

Hours after the recovery of her husband’s body, NIbedita Rout had said her husband might have been murdered. Today, she said her husband had been under pressure and this led him to take the extreme step. 

She took great exception to the fact that none of his colleagues, higher-ups, or district administration officers attended her husband’s funeral. 

“He ended his life. But we are still in the dark as to why he took such an extreme step. He might have been under pressure. Or, someone might be blackmailing him over something.  The police have taken his mobile phone to study call details. He committed suicide immediately after coming from his office. None of the district administration officials, or his higher-ups was present at his funeral. Nothing will come out of the investigation,” said Rout. 

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“Some days ago, I came to know that some contractors had frequent quarrels with him over their bills. I have no idea why he had taken such a step. Only proper investigation would throw light on it,” said Abhay Kumar Das, uncle of the deceased BDO.  

Earlier yesterday, the deceased BDO’s father, Narendra Mohanty had alleged that his son had not come home since he joined work because the Collector was not granting him leave. Subsequently, Collector Dattatraya Bhausaheb Shinde responded to the allegations and termed them as baseless.