Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A coordination meeting was held for the smooth conduct of the upcoming Rukuna Rath Yatra, the car festival of Lord Lingaraj, in Bhubaneswar.

Elaborate discussion was held during the meeting regarding the observance of all the rituals of Lord Lingaraj in a disciplined manner during the festival which draws devotees from different parts of the city and state.

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) emphasized maintaining hygiene and sanitation during the festival in the Capital City. It has also been decided to clamp restrictions on the selling of non-vegetarian food items in ‘Ratha Danda’ during the period from ‘Rath Yatra’ till ‘Swarnadi Bije’. 

The servitors have given a proposal to stop the sale of non-vegetarian food items in fast food stalls from Lingaraj temple up to Mausima temple.

Elaborate discussion was also held about the measures to prevent waterlogging in the area during the festival. It was also decided to provide proper lighting facilities during the festival.

“We are hopeful that with cooperation from everybody, this year’s Rukuna Rath Yatra will be celebrated smoothly,” said senior Congress leader Suresh Routray.

Commissionerate Police has decided to felicitate the servitors for ensuring the timely arrival of the chariot and smooth conduct of the rituals during the festival.

“With Lord Lingaraj’s grace, Rukuna Rath Yatra will be celebrated in a disciplined manner this year. Commissionerate Police will extend all facilities to the servitors for the smooth conduct of the rituals,” said Twin City Police Commissioner Soumendra Priyadarshi.

(Reported by Atulya Bout)