Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Students of Ravenshaw University in Cuttack staged protests on Monday demanding postponement of their examinations.

As per reports, the students, wearing black badges, staged a sit-in in front of the Registrar’s office on Monday. They demanded postponement of the examination for the first semester of Plus 3 first-year course.

As per the protesting students, the semester examination should have been conducted after 90 days of the course. They expressed their resentment as the dates of the examination have been announced after 55 days only.

“How will we be able to appear in the examination after only 55 days of study? We went to the Vice Chancellor and the Controller of the Examination with our grievances. They gave us assurances to take necessary steps in this regard. However, the dates for the examination were announced and ultimately the students have to face its consequences,” rued Latika Behera, a protesting student.

“We have taken admission in the university, so, it doesn’t mean that the students don’t have any personal problems. How could we appear in the examination in just 55 days and perform well?” Latika asked.

Meanwhile, the Controller of the Examination of Ravenshaw University, Patitapabana Mishra said that the issue will be resolved soon following discussion with the students.

“As the election will be held on May 13, no examinations could be conducted after May 11. Hence, planning has been made to conduct all the examinations by May 10. I have met the protesting students and requested them to send their representatives to have a discussion with me. However, they are hell bent to hold discussion on the road. How can I have a discussion with them amid all the chaos?” Mishra said.

“If they have some demands, they must come to me and discuss,” he added.