Pradeep Pattanayak

Fishermen struck gold after catching seven ‘Solapatia’ fish at Chandani Pal of Dhamara estuary in Bhadrak on Tuesday. The cath fetched them Rs 1,08,000. 

On Monday, a group of fishermen caught seven rare ‘Solapatia’ fish in the sea. When they brought the marine creatures ashore, people gathered to have a look at them. 

Then, the process for auction started. A Kolkata-based businessman called the bid and bought them at Rs 1,08,000.

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It was learned that he had sold them to a medicine manufacturing company in Chennai. 

Notably, Bhadrak is the place where fishermen frequently catch such rare and costly fish. Another fish called Ghol and locally called Tellia is the most common species caught in fishermen’s nets. One Tellia fish weighs somewhere around 30 kilograms and it fetches over Rs 1 lakh.