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Prized catch for Odisha fishermen! Rare fish sold for Rs 1.80 lakh

Bhadrak:  A group of fishermen today sold a rare species of fish at whopping Rs 6,000 per kilogram to a trader at Chandinipal fishing centre in Dhamra. The fisherman, Narayan Jena and his associates ventured into deep sea off Dhamra coast on June 15 and returned with as many as 10 such rare fishes, each weighing over 30 kg today morning.

As per reports, the exotic fish commonly called Ghol and is locally famous as Teleia. Also best known as black-spotted croaker, it is an exotic and expensive variety of marine fish found mostly in Indian and Pacific Ocean along the coast of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.

Sources said the fish is usually exported to Singapore, Malaysia and other South-East Asian countries owing to its high medicinal value.

After the news spread like wildfire, people gathered at the fishing centre to see the most expensive fish which was sold at Rs 6,000 a kg. The entire fish (30 kg) is sold for Rs 1.80 lakh, sources said.

“This fish is quite rare and often we have to venture out into deep sea to catch it. Sometimes, we only get fishes of smaller sizes and if we are lucky enough, we may end up in netting fishes which weighs up to 30 kg,” said Jena.

Dr Anil Mohapatra, scientist of Zoological Survey of India informed that as the  bladder of the fish is used in purification process of raw wine or beer, it is being sold at such exorbitant prices.

“A type of string-like material obtained from its body is also extensively used in dental purposes. Generally, male fish is sold at higher rates than the female ones due to bigger size of their swim bladders. The fish is generally found all along the coast of Odisha generally where water depth is high,” said Mohapatra.

Earlier, a 185 kg Black Marlin fish, usually found in the Pacific Ocean, was caught near the shores of the Bay of Bengal in Dhamra of Odisha in 2018.

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