Mrunal Manmay Dash

As Odisha celebrated Pana Sankranti on April 14, the Srimandir in Puri released its new almanac for the year 2023-24.

The almanac provides a detailed prediction for the world including India. As per the almanac, the year is likely to bring mixed results for the world. While the western hemisphere of the world is likely to be at peace, the eastern hemisphere is likely to witness violence, war, and natural disasters this year. People in top positions in the world may lose their lives this year too.

India on the other hand is likely to have better fortune. The world is likely to respect India's head of State and is expected to pay heed to India’s advice on international matters, says the almanac.

However, India may also witness internal political turmoil this year.

“The world will put its faith in the supreme leader of India. Being said that a lot of anti-nationals will pop their heads up too, which may lead to political instability in the country,” said Jagannath Culture Researcher, Dr Naresh Chandra Das.

As far as Odisha is concerned, it is likely to see development, particularly in education, health, and agriculture sectors because of Venus and Jupiter’s placement. The year is likely to be troublesome for politicians of the State.

“Odisha will see revolutionary development in the education sector,” said Das.

The world will witness three solar eclipses and one lunar eclipse this year. The almanac also gives detailed predictions for all the zodiac signs for this year.

The year will particularly bring good fortune for Aries. And when Jupiter will make a transit later this year, the Aries zodiac is likely to get bumper results in every field,” said Astrologer Manoj Lenka.

Biraja Panjika (almanac) was also released today by the Maa Biraja Temple in Jajpur on the occasion of Pana Sankranti.