Vikash Sharma

The Commissionerate Police collected a whopping Rs 90 lakh as fines for various violations including drinking in public places, smoking, drunken driving, and other traffic violations in the month of October under its ‘Safe City Drive’ in Bhubaneswar.

As per the data shared by the Commissionerate Police, 3,048 persons were caught drinking in public places and a fine of Rs 15, 30, 500 was collected from them.

A fine of Rs 72, 100 was collected from 668 violators who were caught smoking in public places. A fine amounting to Rs 1,03,000 was collected from 205 persons for violations under the Motor Vehicles Act. Liquor around 1057.39 litre was also seized and 34 persons were arrested in excise-related cases.

As many as 117 anti-socials were also arrested for committing various offences including extortion last month. As far as enforcement by the Traffic wing of the Commissionerate Police is concerned, a fine of Rs 51, 18, 500 was collected from various persons for illegal parking and Rs 67,95, 400 for other violations under the MV Act.

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