Himansu Shekhar Rout

Hundreds of seized vehicles which had been kept on the premises of various police stations in Bhubaneswar were disposed of on Wednesday. 

The seized vehicles, which had been gathering dust over the years, were occupying space on police station premises. The police station premises also looked unclean. There were long-pending public grievances and observations to remove the same.     

As per reports, 693 two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers had been rotting on police station premises. No one claimed their ownership of these vehicles, informed police sources.

Following a court order, the Commissionerate Police had earlier tried to ascertain the owners of the seized vehicles. 
Some owners were identified and their vehicles were handed over to them by examining their credentials and documents. 

However, 693 vehicles were left out as there were no claimants for them. 

Speaking to the media, DCP Prateek Singh said, "People had long-pending observations and grievances that impounded vehicles in front of police stations and on the premises looked ugly. The seized vehicles even hampered the movement of people. We decided to remove those vehicles.”

"We have so far disposed of 693 vehicles, including 666 two-wheelers, 9 three-wheelers and 18 four-wheelers,” he added.

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