Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

While Odisha is soaking with Raja festivities, private bus service has been disrupted in Koraput on Saturday causing severe problems for the commuters in the district.

As per reports, buses have gone off the road in the district due to conflict between the Private Bus Owners' Association and the Employees' Association.

As per sources, there was a heated argument broke out between both parties over bus timing on Friday. Following the development, Private Bus Employees' Association decided to halt the bus service in protest. 

Members of the Employees' Association want the conflict to be resolved soon before resuming the bus service.

As a result of the protest, bus service has been severely disrupted on 40 routes of the district. 

Hundreds of people are going through the ordeal as they have been waiting at the bus stand for hours to go to their villages located in different parts of the district to celebrate the Raja festival.

Members of the Private Bus Employees' Association are reportedly hell-bent not to resume the service until their conflict with the Private Bus Owners' Association is resolved.

"We have no intention to put the commuters in any kind of trouble. However, the conflict should be resolved soon to resume the private bus service. We are ready for discussion. But, the owners have not come yet to initiate any kind of discussion with us," said an employee.

Meanwhile, questions have been raised on why the district and police administration are still silent over the matter when the commuters are having a hard time returning home to celebrate the Raja festival along with their near and dear ones.

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