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Rajan Shahi's popular show Anupamaa has consistently topped the TRP charts. Anupamaa's life is a rollercoaster of challenges, whether from her ex-husband, her children, or her own struggles. Recently, the storyline took a dramatic turn with Anuj Kapadia, played by Gaurav Khanna, entering her life.

Anuj and Anupamaa found happiness together, culminating in marriage. However, their bliss was short-lived. Following a five-year leap, Anupamaa made a life-altering decision to move to America, hoping for a fresh start. Amidst this, drama continued to unfold by introducing new characters like Shruti, bringing further complexity to the narrative. The latest development centred around Dimpy and Titu's wedding, overshadowed by family secrets but ultimately concluding with their union.

Despite Anuj's heartfelt confession and desire to reunite, Anupamaa stunned him by rejecting his proposal. She cited her daughter Aadhya's feelings, fearing that reconciliation would strain their relationship further. Anuj, devastated but respectful of Anupamaa's decision, agreed to return to America, vowing to return for her.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that Aadhya will start hating Anu more for breaking her happy family. She vehemently opposed Anu replacing Shruti. 

As per reports in Just Showbiz, Aadhya will try to separate Anu and Anuj by committing suicide but Anu will try to save her and in that, she will put her life in danger.

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Reports suggested that Anupamaa might disappear, presumed dead by her loved ones, plunging Anuj into despair. His ensuing battle with depression led to a transformative physical appearance, which had gone viral recently. As viewers await the next chapter, the show promises to unravel new layers of drama and emotion, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

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