Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Preparations are in full swing in every Durga mandapa of the Millennium City for smooth Dussehra celebrations in the next month.

‘Chandi Medhas’-the traditional silver filigree decorations in the pandals during the pujas in Cuttack are the major attraction. Devotees across the State rush to the city to witness the famous Dussehra, soak in the festive spirit and offer their devotion to the Goddess.

Considering the massive fervor among the devotees, most of the puja committees in Cuttack are preparing ‘Chandi Medhas’ this year. Silversmiths in the city are busy fulfilling orders to make decorative filigree items that will adore the Durga Puja pandals. 

Durga Puja in CuttackDurga Puja in Cuttack

With the puja celebration just one and a half months away, the Silversmiths are now focusing on cleaning the silver. They have been engrossed in their work day and night.

Silver cleaning work is in full swing at Khapuria Industrial Puja Committee in Khannagar and Ranihat Puja Committee. Mainly the artisans of Mansinghpatna are skillful in this trade.

“We clean the silver by using an acid. Four to five silversmiths will work around fifteen days to clean the silver for a ‘Chandi Medha’,” said Sushant Mohapatra, a silversmith.

“Preparation has already started for Dussehra this year. Artisans have been cleaning silver for our ‘Chandi Medha’ for the last four to five days,” said Rajendra Kumar Sahu, Secretary of Ranihat Puja Committee.

Cleaning of silverCleaning of silver

Goddess Durga will be worshipped around 160 mandaps in Cuttack this year. While the city had witnessed 27 ‘Chandi Medhas’ last year, this year there will be an addition of three more ‘Chandi Medhas’.

“So far we have the information that three more ‘Chandi Medhas’ will be added in Cuttack this year. Durga Puja will be definitely more attractive this year,” said Debendra Nath Sahu, President of Cuttack Mahanagar Shanti Committee.