Vikash Sharma

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday made some serious allegations regarding the caste of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Gandhi, who is currently leading the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in Odisha’s Jharsuguda, alleged that the Prime Minister will never conduct the caste-based census in the country.

“The Prime Minister says in Parliament that he is an OBC. Narendra Modi was not born OBC. People are being misled. Rather he (Modi) was born in Teli caste in Gujarat,” alleged Gandhi.

The senior Congress leader further said that the community was given the tag of OBC in the year 2000 by the BJP. But PM Narendra Modi was not born OBC rather he was born in the general caste.

“I do not need any birth certificate. I can say that he (Modi) never hugs any OBC or touches the hand of farmers or labourers. PM Narendra Modi will not conduct a caste-based census in the country as he has lied to people of the country that he was born OBC, rather he was born in general caste. The Congress party will do the caste-based census,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Responding to the allegations of Rahul Gandhi, BJP leader Surath Biswal said, “The statement clearly shows the immaturity of Rahul Gandhi. PM Narendra Modi belongs to OBC. As Congress has to answer why their past leaders of the Gandhi family put the recommendations of Kaka Kelelkar and Mandal Commission in cold storage, Rahul Gandhi is making such comments.”

According to Biswal, PM Narendra Modi has given place to 27 ministers and accorded constitutional recognition to the Commission and created a new identity for the OBCs in the country.