Vikash Sharma

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the support of around 93 percent people, said Odisha BJP president Manmohan Samal on the sidelines of Republic Day celebrations on Friday. Samal spoke about the Prime Minister's proposed visit to Odisha ahead of the crucial 2024 general elections. The PM is likely to visit the state on February 3, 2024.

During his visit to the state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new campus of the IIM, Sambalpur and lay the foundation stone of other projects. Speaking about the party's plan, Samal said that Western Odisha has always been a focus and will continue to remain so for the BJP. He added that the process of ‘Ram Rajya’ has started in Odisha.

“Poor people are getting rice and only Narendra Modi is resolving the issues concerning them. Hence, the people of Odisha already made up their minds about an alternative government here. Only election results will speak what is Modi’s impact and whom people are supporting,” said Samal.

Samal further attributed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's success to his hard work for the country.

Meanwhile, the BJD could not be contacted over the state BJP chief’s statements

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