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Ollywood film producer Sanjay Nayak also known as Tutu Nayak, who has already kicked off a controversy by announcing to boycott of actor Manoj Mishra, has landed in fresh trouble after a Bhubaneswar-based female journalist lodged a police complaint against him.

The female journalist in her complaint alleged that the producer slapped her and hurled filthy language at her while she was in a film hall to cover an event today. 

Registering a case on the basis of the complaint lodged at the Khavel Nagar Police Station, the police have started an investigation. 

While speaking to the media, the female journalist said “Today I came to a film hall to cover the release of an Odia film. I was at the entrance to get the bites of the artistes. He was (Tutu Nayak) then passing through the entrance. If I was standing on the pathway, he should have asked me to make way. Instead of that he slapped me on my cheek from behind. When I turned around, my boom and phone fell on the ground. And, instead of apologizing, he left the place smiling. He should have talked to me. Without saying anything, he left the place which hurt me deeply. I demand action against him.”

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When contacted over his mobile phone, Nayak said, “The allegation is false. I was in a hurry to go to Maharaja Film Hall. As she was standing in the middle of the gate, I mildly patted her back asking her to give me space. She is like my younger sister. I didn’t beat her. If I hurt her, I am sorry for that.”

When asked for his comments, actor Bobby Mishra said, “Journalists are the fourth pillar of Democracy. They command respect. If a journalist is misbehaved with, it is condemnable. Strong action should be taken against the person involved.”

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